Do you have a restaurant?

Manage tables, kitchen and payments on a single platform

qodaly is the all-in-one platform that allows restaurant and coffee shop owners to serve their customers without the need for waitstaff to take orders, process electronic payments, keep track of income and expenses, send orders to the kitchen, and much more.

concept of features of qodaly

Benefits for customers

Menu in every language

Automatic bill splitting

No waiting for staff

Full overview of dishes

Transparency about allergens

Filters for dietary habits

Option for online payments

Benfits for owners

Competitive fees compared to your bank

No fees with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Expected increase in average receipt

Customized platform for home delivery

Queue, order, and kitchen automation

Automatic translations and completions

Custom solutions based on needs

Give your customers the service they deserve

Don’t worry about tourists, whether they are English, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese, allow them to view your menu in their own language. All you’ll have to do is press a button.

Create your menus, set your prices, implement variations for lunch, dinner, weekends, and much more. Upload photos, descriptions, allergens, and dietary habits.


F&B ready to fly

For you, a dedicated account manager for every need.

Don’t disrupt your current workflows

Send and print orders in the kitchen in real-time

Don’t think about the payments, we’ll handle it

Offer your customers your best dishes

Analyze detailed reports of your income

An all-in-one software for your restaurant, coffee shop, food stall or beach club

Get paid

Collect digital payments, with card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, often at advantageous rates.

Translate the menu

Don’t worry about tourists from all over the world, they will be able to read your menu in their language.

Queues and reservations

Send SMS and emails, assign tables, and manage the queue of customers waiting to be seated.

Increase revenue

An overview of your restaurant’s metrics provides you with the opportunity to fine-tune revenue and expenses.

Multiple locations

Do you have more than one restaurant or coffee shop? No problem, you can manage and monitor them all.


Don’t send waitstaff to take orders and payments, bring orders to the kitchen, etc., Qodaly does it for you.

Analyze what you have spent and earn

With qodaly, you can immediately have an overview of your income and expenses report, optimize the cost of raw materials, and increase or decrease menu prices as needed.

concept of transaction history

Check payments in real-time

We provide you with an interface that records the payments you receive in real-time, without risking missing the payment from a distant or outdoor table where your waitstaff might not be able to keep an eye on it.

Clarity also for your customers

When your customers order a dish and make a payment, their smartphone will display the expense just like any online purchase. You’ll see, it’ll be easy for them too!


Satisfied owners

“For us, it was very easy to integrate qodaly into our processes; the team is always available and it didn’t cause any interruptions in our work.”

Axel Farrow

Floor manager

“All our regular customers gave us positive feedback for the new contactless table ordering service; we are glad we switched to qodaly.”

Renesmee Thomas

Restaurant owner

“We saved on fees for some types of credit cards, and in any case, I significantly increased the average receipt per customer.”

Roberto Espinosa

Coffee shop owner